HealthOme data analysis

Obtain your personalized HealthOme baseline

Utilize your HealthOme data to understand the efficacy of  interventions or supplements for your health

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Epigenetic Age Analysis

Our biological health is far more important than our chronologic age

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Physician Consult

Developing a personalized prevention strategy from Omic data can be challenging. Our experts are ready to help.

Traditional genetic consults are also available, including those for undiagnosed diseases, cancer predisposition syndromes, disorders of premature aging and other traditional genetic syndromes. We do not offer prenatal genetics counseling currently.

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What we do

We translate genomics and other biological age markers to inform those trying to maximize health span & reduce the risk of age related chronic disease.

Using a proprietary analytic pipeline involving bioinformatic techniques and clinical genetic tools, we translate health data to clinical meaning. The goal is proactive health awareness aimed at preventing or reducing the risk of age related chronic disease. A precision medicine approach using HealthOmics data is participatory and personalized.

We provide a health data baseline called the healthome that can be used to look at biologic changes resulting from healthy interventions. Many people take supplements with only the manufacturers claim of efficacy which may or may not be effective for your biology. a Healthomics approach allows an individual to objectively determine whether there is an impact on a number of the most advanced health metrics available today.

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