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Medical and scientific advances in genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics may provide opportunities to promote healthy aging. Because aging is the number one risk factor for the 4 most prominent causes of morbidity & mortality (neurodegenerative disease, cardiac disease, metabolic disease, and cancer), proactively reducing their risk may also increase overall lifespan as a byproduct.

The staff at Longevity Metrics Medical Group have experience in translating big data from multiple Omic platforms. We have published scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals in the fields of genetics, genomics, precision medicine and stem cell medicine.

Dr. Dec, CEO of LMMG Inc., completed residency in internal medicine, and further specialized in genetics and genomics. He is boarded in Clinical Medical Genetics by the ABMGG. In addition, he has completed a fellowship in stem cell regenerative medicine at the University of California and worked in both academic and industry settings interpreting and translating Omic data into clinical meaning for individual health. Dr. Dec has assembled an excellent team. The staff at LMMG Inc., are each leaders in their own right.

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